The Provincial Government approved the highest visual symbol of the Provincial Administration – the Coat of Arms – as the official symbol for government in July 2005.The Coat of Arms is the visual representation of the Eastern Cape Government Brand. Unauthorized reproduction of this Coat of Arms is an offence under the Heraldry Act of 1962.Authority to reproduce it must be sought from Provincial Communications, Office of the Premier, Province of the Eastern Cape.

Elements of the Coat of Arms

Rising Sun - The Rising Sun symbolizes the friendliness and positive attitude of the people of the Eastern Cape as well as representing the dawning of a new era and bright future of growth, development and prosperity.

Leopard Skin Head Ring- The leopard skin head ring is a symbol of the prestige, power and heritage of the province. The Leopard is an animal of strength and is universally considered as a sign of authority.

The Shield - The Shield represents the protection and preservation of the Aloe - a symbol of strength due to its healing powers. The three flowers sprouting from a single stern represent the unity of the Eastern Cape's people. The blue Lines are heraldic symbols for the sea and represent the magnificent coastline of the province.

The Eland - The Eland Bull represents magnificence and was by far the most widespread of all larger antelope in the Eastern Cape. It is now being reintroduced into the province's nature reserves and game farms and is an important part of folklore, especially amongst the Khoi San who held it in high esteem.

The Motto - "Development through Unity". The province strives to develop all its people in all facets of life, in the pursuit of sustainable prosperity through a united people moving together towards this goal.

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