Field hospital for COVI19 infected patients named Rev Dr Elizabeth-Mamisa Chabula-Nxiweni Field Hospital

The Rev.Dr Mamisa Chabula-Nxiweni Field hospital for people infected by covid19 has been openned at Nelson Mandela Metro Municipality. The hospital will take 3300 people.
These are the fruits of a partnership between ‪VWSA group, German government and  Eastern Cape Provincial Government in effort  and  commitment to save lives.
As the Eastern Cape Provincial government and its citizens we are thankful  proud to VWSA for the swift decision of availing this facility to support our efforts of fighting the global pandemic that is ravaging humanity in the entire world.
VWSA's investment into this facility comes at the right time, as we are seeing a significant increase in the number of confirmed covid19 cases in our province which stood above 16000 yesterday. The Nelson Mandela Metro is our provincial epicenter, therefore this field hospital is at the right place. 
The availability of this facility neatly dove tails into our broader strategy of fighting against the corona virus in our province.
VWSA have  aided our efforts to have more beds and whoever is in need of hospitalization will be able get that support from government. With the 1485 beds curently available in the said hospital with  related equipment that has been installed, we will definitely change gears and accelerate our efforts to save lives.
VWSA has  progressively  ploughed  back to the community where she does business. We  express our gratitude to the partnership we have with Government of Germany and GIZ for this act solidarity at this difficult time. 
As the provincial government we have already ensured that this medical facility operates optimally by appointing a Chief Executive Officer who is supported by staff by the Heads of Clinical Services, Nursing Services and Administrative Services. Already 5 Doctors, 40 nurses, are employed and 80 community health workers, cleaning, pottering and general services are also employed at this hospital.
We urge our health workers who will be deployed at this facility to continue giving their all in caring for the covid19 patients who will be accommodated in this facility and ensure they return to their families healthy and alive.
Parallel to that we plead with  our health workers to be cautious at all times as no one is immune from this virus.We are aware  this virus is challenging to our health workers and it is creating anxiety among them and their families. However, we should not let this virus test our resolve to defeat it because if we do, it will strike its deadliest blows and cost us more lives. As government we will increase provision of psychosocial support to our Health Workers. 
The 8035 people who have recovered from this virus are healthy and back with their families due to the quality of care that our health workers provided. It is not a miracle; it is due to the long hours of dedicated service that our health workers are putting in every day to save lives. We could be in a far worst situation without their dedicated efforts on the frontlines.
To enhance the efforts of our health workers we continue to prioritize the provision of PPE. In this regard Provincial Treasury is processing a transversal contract to source PPE from Eastern Cape based manufactures and suppliers.
In addition, our efforts to provide PPE at all hospitals to protect both our healthcare workers and patients, we have received a boost from partners such as the Chinese Province of Zhejiang and from the US Consulate. 
We also appreciate the announcement by VWSA to support our National Health Laboratory Services to improve our testing capacity during this outbreak. Testing and turnaround times for receiving results has really been a big challenge during this pandemic. Through this additional investment we will pass that hurdle.
Our communities have a responsibility to help us save their lives. Covid19 is very much alive amongst us. The easing of lockdown regulations does not mean people must stop adhering to lockdown rules when leaving their homes. We urge our people to continue wearing masks, continue to wash hands with soap for twenty seconds or sanitise and to continue practicing social distancing.
The said field hospital named after Dr Nxiweni,who has a rich history of community activism and is one of the brightest medical minds with a heart of gold who served our people diligently.
We want her name to inspire all the health workers who will be preserving life at this facility. With this honor, we say thank you to her for her service to our people.