Bhisho Massacre 28th Anniversary Commemorated

Eastern Cape Premier, Lubabalo Oscar Mabuyane, led the 28th Anniversary of the commemoration of the Bhisho Massacre in Bhisho today. The 28th anniversary commemoration is imperative to educate the people of the Province and the nation, about the importance of preserving social memory, deepening democracy, as well as promoting social justice for both the living
victims and those who have departed.

The Bhisho Massacre occurred on 7 September 1992 when about 80 000 protesters who gathered outside Bhisho, signaling the opposition to Oupa Gqozo’s rule, were shot by the then Ciskei Defence Force. The meeting was led by senior African National Congress (ANC) leaders including South African
Communist Party Secretary General, Chris Hani, President Cyril Ramaphosa, Steve Tshwete and Ronnie Kasrils.
When Kasrils led a group trying to break through the Ciskei Defence Force lines to enter Bhisho, Ciskei Defence Force soldiers opened fire on the marchers with automatic weapons. 

Twenty-eight ANC members and one soldier were killed by
the Force, with over 200 people injured during this protest march.

The Eastern Cape Provincial Government upgraded the Bhisho Massacre Memorial by building a state-of-the-art facility with a Visitor Information Centre, which was unveiled in 2012. 
Victims of the Bhisho Massacre are supported by government through different initiatives such as repatriation, medical related support, housing, educational support in basic education for the dependents of the victims.